Sustainche Farm™ Project: The Sustains™ VolunTours Episode III

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Hello World !

Sustainche’s Farm Project Poster #OpSustaincheFarm Madagascar

Sustainche™ & Lisa continue elaborating

The Sustains™ VolunTours.

12. …

13. Sustains™ VolunTours will be accommodated in what is known as the ‘unmarried males’ or ‘unmarried females’ room (take a look at Of course, you’ll have a clean bed of your own and we provide linen and towels for change.

Depending on the size and the gender composition of the group, you might need to share a room with other comrades.

The Sustains™ VolunTours group will consist of typically three to a maximum of five comrades at a time.

In case you would like to enjoy sleeping under the wonderful canopy of stars of the southern hemisphere, please be prepared to have your own sleeping bag available.

14. Showers (separate for males and females) are located next to the rooms and a toilet outside the farm house. By using the shower, please be aware that water is very precious in Namibia. Well, water utilization will in any case be a specific training topic for all Sustains™ VolunTours ;-)

15. Sustainche Farm™ is not connected to the electricity network. We have a small solar panel to use the sun’s energy. This is quite enough to recharge minor electronic equipment such as mobile phones.

16. Just meant as a precaution information:
Medical support is available in a nearby private medical clinic in Ongwediva
. Please ensure that before your arrival in Namibia you possess a travel insurance including medical care and transport back to your home country.

17. Sustains™ VolunTours fees first of all cover the expenses for ‘running the show’.

Beyond this our objective is to provide diversified income to the Sustainche Farm™ family, to youngsters in the neigbourhood and to generate resources for farm investments.

Sustainche™ & Lisa are still inspired to have two donkey friends for good company :-)

18. For the time being you may choose between two Sustains™ VolunTours duration of stay offers:

a)   14 days: Euro 1,050.- per person;
b)   28 days: Euro 2,100.- per person.

Requests for longer project stays will be considered but can’t be ensured to be granted. Depending on the development of Sustains™ VolunTours in 2014, in order to comply with the received demand and at the same time following specific Sustainche Farm™ Project’s needs (e.g. construction works), we can image to extend the maximum duration of stay to up to 3 months, which might be also in favour of specific students projects.

For stays at Sustainche Farm™ beyond 28 days, discount on Sustains™ VolunTours fees is granted.

19. Your Sustains™ VolunTours fee includes your accommodation at Sustainche Farm™, three meals per day, various juices produced on the farm, a welcome reception and introduction to the farm, full support during your stay and working on specific projects by our project coordinators, and transfer from/to Ondangwa Airport / Oshakati bus station. At the day of your arrival and thereafter once per week you might wish to go to Ongwediva to refresh your own supply at your own costs.

20. Your Sustains™ VolunTours fee does not include your travel/flight expenses to/from Namibia and to/from Ondangwa Airport / Oshakati bus station, any kind of accommodation before and after your stay at Sustainche Farm™, additional excursions (e.g. to Etosha National Park) not connected to the Sustainche Farm™ Project, souvenirs and drinks not originally produced at Sustainche Farm™.

‘Beer lovers’ shall feel invited to produce and taste Sustainche Farm™ home-made beer.

21. By the way Etosha National Park:
If you wish to extend your stay in Namibia after your 14 days or four weeks Sustains™ VolunTours, don’t hesitate to inform us early enough in order that we can make provisions that Tatekulu M-Sustain™ – our Etosha expert ;-) – can guide you during one week to the hot spots of Eastern Etosha and as far as Okaukuejo with unforgettable African wildlife experience, astonishing scientific insight views on the evolution of Etosha Pan region and climate change, and a visit to the colleagues at the Etosha Ecological Institute.

Please note that the one-week Etosha National Park tour is not included in your Sustains™ VolunTours fee and it is wise to have a group of five people ‘onboard’.

22. We strongly encourage Sustains™ VolunTours candidates to make themselves familiar with the Sustainche Farm™ Project by exploring this web site in full detail.

You might start with the 39 pages categories on top and further on be inspired by 44 episode posts since May 2011 that you can find in the archive to the right.

23. Know Thyself !
Sustainche Farm™ is for sure not the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.
However – it might be exactly here where you can learn to free your mind, start escaping from a prison for your mind – a prison that you can neither see, nor smell or touch – and understand what is meant for you to do in your life.

We can only create the Climate for Change towards a Better Quality of Life !
You are the one who needs to walk through the door !

Enjoy becoming a smallhold farmer in a spectacular real African environment in Northern Namibia.
ence what Sustainable Development really means ‘on the ground’ !
… at least for a short time … :-)

Potentials are invited to apply to develop into Sustains™ VolunTours by using the contact form on this web site ( and specifying

a)   your name,
b)   your email address,
c)   subject: Sustains™ VolunTours Application,
d)   your age, gender, education and interest background,
e)   envisaged duration and precise dates of your intended stay at Sustainche Farm™.

24. Last but not least:

Now it is up to you to grabbing your rucksack
– like Sustainche ™ & Lisa did – and
head towards Sustainche Farm™ in Northern Namibia !

 Sustainche and Lisa on their way to the village

Sustainche ™ & Lisa do their best
to bringing your Sustains™ VolunTours wishes
in line with the Sustainche Farm™ Project’s demands.

Sustainche, Lisa and Elephantche Christmas 2012

Enjoy a Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings

and wishing you a Happy New Year 2014 !


Sustainche Farm™ Project: The Sustains™ VolunTours Episode II

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Hello World !

2 votes – Yes, that is a brilliant idea !
1 vote – Well, I don’t know yet. I need more information !
1 vote – No, that is a ridicules idea !

9 Twitter “re-tweets” and
11 Facebook “likes” –

well, all this is enough motivation for Sustainche™ & Lisa to further on elaborate

The Sustains™ VolunTours.

Sustainche’s Farm Project Poster Madagascar 4

Starting from today and step by step we’ll present the Sustains™ VolunTours experiment.

  1. Nothing will be done what the Sustainche Farm™ Family does not like !
  2. Starting from 2014 Sustainche™ & Lisa and the Sustainche Farm™ Family want to give young volunteers from Europe the amazing opportunity to visit Sustainche Farm™ during a period of usually 14 days and a maximum of 28 days to experience real Africa and real African farm family life !
  3. The Sustains™ VolunTours experiment is an outstanding active holidays experience in Northern Namibia that goes far beyond usual ‘photo safari Africa’. ‘Real Africa’ is something different. Even 20 years after independence there is no such an experience offered in Namibia yet !
  4. Sustainche Farm™ life is a ‘back to the roots experience’.
    If you are tired of ‘normal’ life in Europe, having too much of everything (except time for yourself !) and wishing to experience something completely different, than you are a typical Sustains™ VolunTour.
  5. The Sustainche Farm™ Project with Sustains™ VolunTours also encourages students of various sciences to take advantage of gaining utmost practical experience on the ground and in an amazing African environment.
  6. Sustainche Farm™ life is something to enjoy, but it is also hard work – every day.
    We expect Sustains™ VolunTours to participate in the daily house and farm work. This – depending on the season and farm calendar – might include working in the mahangu fields, taking care of chicken, goats and cattle. Sustainche Farm™ piggies wake up very early, but enjoy the day among themselves 🙂
  7. Special projects naturally occur when Tatekulu F. for example renovates traditional roofs or Meme T. needs new pottery for the kitchen. In this respect Sustains™ VolunTours have the opportunity to enjoy learning about traditional Owambo culture at first hand.
  8. Fancy working for a while in Sustainche Farm’s™ “100% home-made Marula Oil / Odjove Project”?
    Marula oil / odjove production at Sustainche Farm™ is perhaps the most comprehensive example of how we understand Sustainable Development. Sustainche Farm™ wouldn’t be Sustainche Farm™ if the farm family wouldn’t utilize all parts of the marula fruit. Enjoy leaning traditional Owambo skills* !
    * Sorry guys, this Sustains™ VolunTours project is reserved for femals only :-)
  9. Sustains™ VolunTours take care by themselves for their air travel to/from Namibia and also organize their trip to Ondangwa Airport (AirNamibia flight from Windhoek Eros) or Oshakati (Windhoek bus station).If you need any help with your booking please don’t hesitate to ask for our assistance. We’ll pick you up from Ondangwa Airport or Oshakati bus station. Transfer to/from Sustainche Farm™ is included in your Sustains™ VolunTours fee.
  10. From nine years experience in Etosha National Park and additional three years in the rural North, Tatekulu M-Sustain™ knows that Sustains™ VolunTours first of all feel that they struggle of what they believe is ‘to survive’.
    Don’t be scared ! We’ll use the first days of your visit to introduce you to your new environment, which indeed is very different of what you might have experienced before.
  11. Apropos ‘different: True – Namibia in general is called a ‘dry country’. However, Central Northern Namibia also experiences efundja’ flooding events during good rainy seasons.Fancy enjoy fishing catfish together with Tatekulu F. ?
  12. A clean environment is inherited in Owambo tradition. We take utmost care to keep the farm house, the farm and its surrounding environment as tidy as possible. In this respect we also expect Sustains™ VolunTours to support our efforts.Nevertheless, and especially during the dry season, there is a lot of dust in the atmosphere and you can’t expect to find yourself under ‘aseptic conditions’.
    In general terms the following vaccinations are recommended for any visitor to Namibia: hepatitis A, tetanus, typhus, polio and rabies.


+++ To be continued +++

Nelson Madiba Mandela, you also changed Sustainche’s life !
Without you Sustainche wouldn’t have had the chance
to live and work in Etosha National Park,
Northern Namibia, 1989 – 1998 !
Thank you Madiba !

Nelson Mandela via Al Jazeera

Nelson Madiba Mandela
1918 – 2013


Sustainche Farm™ Project: The Sustains™ VolunTours Episode

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Hello World !

2 ½ years after going online, Sustainche™ & Lisa feel that the Sustainche Farm™ Project in Northern is prepared to make the next major step ahead.

You might recall that the Sustainche Farm™ Project from its very beginning follows the approach:

From Motivation to Mobilization to Implementation.

Marula Oil for Restaurant Gathemann Windhoek NamibiaThis approach already led to the production of 100% traditionally homemade Marula oil, which successfully was sold to Gathemann Restaurant in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. At the same time our Marula oil production considerably contributed to what was identified as two major Sustainche Farm™ challenges:

  • Diversification of the farm family’s income;
  • Promotion of local farm products and regional food specialities.

Yet, it is time to tackle a third challenge, namely the

  • Brain drain of the young generation from the rural areas in Northern Namibia;

and at the same time again contribute to the

  • Diversification of the farm family’s income.

In this respect Sustainche™ & Lisa have in mind to organize what they call

The Sustains™ VolunTours.

With its size of 8 ha land, Sustainche Farm™ is not a farm in the European Union, but a farm in Africa. Small-scale farmers in Northern Namibia do not receive any yearly subsidies like their EU colleagues enjoy collecting from Brussels. Hence, Sustainche Farm’s™ ultimate goal is to make the farm family self-sufficient; some people might call it ‘self-sustainable’. And: Sustainche Farm™ – following Owambo traditions – respects a sustainable development approach, which includes economic, social & cultural as well as environmental aspects at the same time.

On the other hand and although having provided extensive information with this website during 2 ½ years, Sustainche™ & Lisa have the strong feeling that it is still not clear enough to the world that Sustainche Farm™ in Northern Namibia IS NOT one of these 20,000 ha European style guest farms in Central and Southern Namibia. Various requests still show that it is still a long way for foreigners to understand the real daily life on a normal small-scale farm in Northern Namibia.

This is what we want to change with

The Sustains™ VolunTours.

Marula Oil ProductionStarting from 2014 Sustainche™ & Lisa want to give young volunteers from Europe the amazing opportunity to visit Sustainche Farm™ during a period of usually 14 days and a maximum of 28 days to experience real Africa and real African farm family life !

As it refers to the entire Sustainche Farm™ Project as such, the Sustains™ VolunTours programme is an experiment. We want to find out whether (or not) Sustainche Farm™ benefits from young motivated volunteers and at the same time whether these youngsters can enjoy being part of a world they usually would never have the opportunity to experience.

Feel free to visit Sustainche Farm™ Project website !

Sustainche and Lisa enjoy Sustainche Farm
Enjoy your day !
Warm regards Sustainche™ & Lisa 🙂

Reminder: Sustainche empowers Europa re-loaded !

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*Facing the financial & economical bankruptcy of the sovereign country of Greece as a member of the Euro zone (and others to follow due to ‘Big Money’s’ World War I) on the one hand and the political bankruptcy of the European Union on the other, Sustainche would like to see a sharp cut now and to follow the road towards a new Europa inspired by Homer’s Iliad.

Johannes HoffmannBut, where is the precise road map ? Sustainche with his still basic understanding of Historical Sciences found a thrilling example in recent history, the Saarland. Ok, nobody in the world knows the small and traditionally bankrupt German state of the Saarland. At the end of World War II the coal mining Saarland found itself in some kind of strange battle between France and Germany. As both countries seek to win control over the Saarland, that time Prime Minister Johannes (Joho) Hoffmann (1947 to 1955) made a foresighted and genius proposal to solve the dispute as well as to foster the European integration: Let’s make the Saarland ‘extra-territorial’ from both France and Germany, and rather transfer it to be the real existing territory of the emerging united Europe with all European institutions being allocated in the Saarland. WOW, something as revolutionary like this is what Sustainche really enjoys 🙂

Well, it is clear that during the 1950ies nobody would understand Johannes Hoffmann’s revolutionary plan and indeed it was rejected in a public referendum on the so-called ‘Saar-Gr2EuroStatute’ in 1955. Never mind, by looking back from the year 2011 Hoffmann’s plan during the 1950ies was indeed genius and would have solved the Saarland’s persistent problems until today at one go.

Can we translate Prime Minister Hoffmann’s vision to present days Greece and the European Union ? Yes we can ! Sustainche proposes the following ten major steps towards EUROPA:

1. The Republic of Greece/Hellas officially declares to be bankrupt.

2. With reference to the Billions of Euro already spent by the European Union for stabilizing the Greek economy, the Government of Greece officially declares the territory of Greece to be the territory of the new Europe state called EUROPA. Greece/Hellas is now EUROPA.

3. At the same time the European Union declares that the EU in its present structures has failed and is transferred into the sovereign state of EUROPA. EU’s institutions shall instantly and completely shift to and will further on be allocated in Athens.

4. France, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany overnight reconfirm to join EUROPA, take their assets and their Euro currency with them and invite other former EU states to follow their example within 30 days. Banks such as Goldman Sachs & Co., J.P. Morgan Securities LLC and Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated are the first to put on Europa’s terrorist list.

5. The former EU Constitution is amended to fit the new EUROPA state. General elections are held 6 months after EUROPA is being proclaimed.

6. EUROPA’s democratically elected institutions consist of the Parliament, the Council of EUROPA Regions, the EUROPA Government and its Prime Minister. EUROPA is represented by its President.

7. Sustainche proposes Mr. Romano Prodi as Europa President Candidate. Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker shall be nominated as Europa Prime Minister.

8. The Council of EUROPA Regions is the second chamber of the Parliament representing the geographically, historically and culturally defined regions and its citizens on the European Continent beyond any national states boundaries.

9. The overarching policy in EUROPA is fully described by its revised National Strategy for Sustainable Development.

10. The implementation of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development is safeguarded by the following institutional set-up:

  • The National Council for Sustainable Development (politically responsible);
  • The National Agency for Sustainable Development (operationally responsible);
  • The National Sustainable Development Investment Bank (financially responsible); and
  • The Sustainable Development Campus University (responsible in terms of studying, research and demonstration).

Yes, it was in the old Hellenic World and on the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea where Europe was born and it is exactly there where EUROPA is re-loaded – thanks to the ‘Greek Crisis’ !

 Do you think that Sustainche is a dreamer ? –

Sustainche is not the only one !

Feel free to propose alternatives ! 😉

This trilogy is dedicated to the greatest Geography teachers of all times,

Aristotle (∞ 322 BC) and Rudolf Geiben (∞ 2011) – R.I.P.

*Sustainche first published this post on September 25, 2011.


Sustainche Farm™ Project: The Etosha Special Promotion II

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+++ Click Sustainche & Lisa and enjoy 🙂 +++

Sustainche and Lisa on Etosha Pan II

“This might be a small step for Polar Bear Sustainche,

but it is a giant leap for all Polar Bears of Planet Earth.”

Sustainche Farm™ Project: The Etosha Special Promotion

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During the past two years Sustainche™ & Lisa were approached by various people around Planet Earth:

“Hey, Sustainche™ & Lisa, why don’t you show us some pictures of your animal friends from Etosha – Etosha National Park is just around the corner of Sustainche Farm™ ?”

Your wish is our command !

Elephants kindergarten

Enjoy the slide show by clicking on the picture above 🙂

Additional pictures will be added day-by-day 😉

Warm regards, Sustainche™ & Lisa

Sustainche™ likes Erwin Pelzig explaining the Gustl Mollath case

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“The Gustl Mollath Case”


– The Whistleblower from Germany –


Gustl Mollath needs urgently your support – Thank you

Campaign to free Gustl:

  Online-Petition “Gustl Mollath” – Please support and sign

News about Mollath-Case on Twitter: Follow Hashtag #Mollath (klick)
Add the hammer “#FreeMollath” for you Avatar now

The case Mollath comes to television

by “Cheap Television”

“Review: Gustl Mollath is well situated. His wife is property consultant at HypoVereinsbank and advises wealthy clients in the financial investment in Switzerland. Gustl Mollath tried to dissuade her, informed her bank. When the dispute escalated, he filed charges black money transactions. But the Nuremberg prosecutors will instead Gustl Mollath themselves targeted.

Suddenly he allegedly abused his wife and slashed tires. A questionable report certifies him a “paranoid system of thought.” In April 2010 Gustl Mollath turns first to the editors of ARD policy magazine “Report Mainz” and asks for help. Anthes Since the authors Monika and Eric Beres investigate, bring to light more and more explosive details.

Few months ago, then the spectacular turnaround in the case: An internal audit report of HypoVereinsbank comes to the conclusion that “all verifiable claims” Gustl Mollaths “applicable” are to the black money transactions of his former wife. The Regensburg prosecutors calls for the resumption of the proceedings.

Have justice and politics has failed in the case? Or Gustl Mollath was actually aware plugged into psychiatry because he was rich tax evaders dangerous?”

Thank you @Muschelschloss